A excerp from a short story, from the view and perspective of HER.


……….I grab your shirt, careful not to get oil on it and push it up as you pull it over your head I start kissing over your chest, across your arms nibbling and licking… As my fingers are undoing the button on your pants I start licking and kissing my way lower…down goes your zipper and as I pull your pants off my eyes find yours and you see my excitement and hunger… I lower my gaze, my pulse starts pounding from seeing your cock I start licking my lips in anticipation, I nuzzle my cheek against your skin wanting your scent all over me, my mouth finds the tip of your cock and I swirl my tongue around sucking, moaning at the taste, the warmth of the satiny softness of your skin, I love so much..
my tongue then slides along the thick veins coursing the length first one side and then the other until your entire cock has been licked up and down…finally I suck you in all the way with long drawing pulls, I hear your moans and it makes my pussy clinch, I love giving you pleasure Markus.
I start pumping the base of your cock now with my fist, milking you, sucking so hard my jaw aches..I feel you harden even more and I know you are close, the first spurt of your cum is so thick and fast exploding in my mouth, I whimper..your flavor igniting my senses making me crave more, swallowing again and again squeezing and rubbing your throbbing cock to lure more onto my tongue, your body shakes as you cum for long minutes filling my mouth until it spills out the sides of my lips…mmm. I lick you until you are clean, I could do this for hours.
I look up at you and you smile down at me with a hunger still in your eyes and say “we are not finished princess, slide your tight pussy around me…I’ve got more to give you” I’m surprised when I look at your cock, as you are hard again and obviously ready for more… Insatiable!



Wake up call!

…the sun shine to the window, it’s still early in the morning and the sun is still building up on strength to spread her warmth, light and comfort to everyone. Your eyes are closed, but you awoke feeling the sun hitting your eyes.
A feeling of warmth, serenity and shelter runs through your heart and body. You know it’s not from the sun which is given you that. No, It’s him laying besides you, still as he has his arm around you, protective, but also loving.
Your corner of your lips rise up, as your face transform in that most beautiful smile he so adores, her smile is for him like light in the dark, the warmth of the sun. It always makes his heart smile. She feels his breath on her neck and she feels so close, safe and protect. Like he could shelter her from everything. Her hand lays on his upper arm. Hardly able to surround it with her hand. She feels his strong pulse and blood under her palm. There is nothing that give her more peace, then to feel his touch or she feels him. She also feels his hardness pressed against her back and a wave of joy runs through her body as she know, he is hard only just for her. She feels the moisture, she always have between her legs, when she is with him or in contact with him. Is starting to increase and turning into wetness.
She feels the breath of his has stopped, soothing her skin on her neck. Instead she fills a pair off lips, strong, but yet so tender, kissing her on the same spot, she felt his breath throughout the night.
A chill runs over her spin, a feeling of not pleasure, but a reinsurance of his love.
He touches her always in a way, that without words she knows, what he is trying to tell her. Her hand try’s to tight a little more around his arm, but hardly making an imprecision, as she just is able to feel his strong hard muscles underneath his skin.
She feels his arm move, but also the same time, his hand softly holding on to her shoulder and gentle rolling her over from her side onto her back. She opens her eyes and looks into a pair of green eyes, strong, powerful, knowing but also soft, tender, caring, loving and sensual. Her smile widens even more. She feels his weight of his body on her and his hardness slowly sliding into her already wetness ready for him, ready for both. She closes her eyes as he fills her with his strong hard flesh and surrenders to be taken away to the different places to receive his love, passion, to become undone and to feel his manly seed floating into her, given her satisfaction only he can truly give her.

As they bodies starting to recover from each other, she sees his mouth slowly lowering down to her face and lips.
Their mouths sealing the start of a new day, with a kiss, that hold all the feelings and love for each other.
As their lips apart, after a long moment, he puts a finger on her cheek, slides the back of his finger over her cheek and says:
“Good morning my Gorgeous.”
Her mouth opens and she replies through her big smile:
Good morning my Sweet.”

….and they are ready to start their new day.
Until tomorrow morning and they will greet and start their new day again, just like they did today and everyday forward!


Him and Her

An excerpt..

…..first it was just how it was for the last couple of months, but we both knew that there was more, much more. It took me a while to convince you to face time. We both were nervous not knowing what to expect.
Then we did.
It was incredible, I fell for you more deeper, as I thought I ever could. You also realized, it was who I was and nothing was different or changed.
We now started to get to know each other very well. Talking to someone and see their face expression and the way their react, paints a totally different picture, as just texting or talking on the phone. We both got to know each other now truly and we liked everything we saw. As more and more we talked it grew.
We starting to share sunset or beautiful scenery live on FaceTime.
I went also back and showed you Salem and Boston. I took you to the Boston museum of fine art, have you accompany me on a ducktour. We had lunch in the Cheesecake Factory together. And once we watch a movie together. All over FaceTime. All this we did by being in the friend relationship, but we both knew there was so much more.
The attraction and want did not went away, if anything it started to become very strong. We both noticed, after a while, our talk would go in more of a naughty subject.
One night, we were talking and I looked at you very deeply and my thought were racing. You know how to read my face by now and ask:
“What is it Markus?”
“Nothing”, I said.
“Nothing?”, you question me and look straight into my eyes.
“We need to know!”
“Know what ?” you ask.
“Us”, I said.
“I don’t know Markus. What if we met and you know, it’s not what I feel when I see you.” “Well, then we know, its better to know we’re we stand versus taken the risk never to know and if we don’t, the only thing that will be different, is the part of romance, being very good friends will never change.”
“You right, it would never have an impact, I know that for sure.”
“Met too”, I say.
“How do you want to do that, I come to You or you come to me?”
“I come to see you. I will stay in a hotel and we can meet somewhere for Dinner or lunch and talk and see what happens. I will be a total gentleman, you know that you can trust me.”
“Markus, I trust you totally and completely, that has and never will be a question.”
I planned on staying for 5 days, I picked one of the Marriott suites, which have a complete kitchen and it’s more convenient than eating out all the time.
I told you what time the flight would arrive and around what time we may can meet physically.
The day of the flight I started actually getting very nervous.
I did not expected that, but it also made me realize my feelings for you. I wanted that everything would work out, but what if she is disappointed and not feel the same.
“Stop”, I told myself,”positive always positive”.
She loves your personality, your outlook on life, she said she loves you, she is attracted to you, she said you handsome, you make her laugh, why you worry.
“Maybe, because she is to good to be true.”
“Well maybe”, my inner voice said,”she has all the same thoughts about you, how you think she is feeling right now knowing you on your way?”
“Great”, I say to myself, I am fucking talking to myself now and laugh out loud. Keep in mind, I am in the the middle of the line to board the flight. Everybody looks at me, but you know me, I could care less.
The flight leaves at around 7:00am. It’s 6:44am.
I quickly text you.
“Hey Baby,
you probably read this message by the time I arrive.
I am boarding now, I be safe, love you xoxo. I take my phone and started to put it into my pocket, suddenly it vibrates. I look and it’s you, sending me a message.
“Hi my sweet!
You really think I can sleep knowing I’m a couple of hours from ‘we will know finally for sure'”.
Than, one more message, couple short words,but very powerful like always,
“Be safe”
“I pray for safe travels”
“Love you…”
I smile, but not because it’s funny, no, because i love you so caring.
I turn of my phone and board the plane. The flight takes a little over 3 hrs. I be there by 10:40am local time.
I upgraded, for $80 more, for first class, because I am so tall, I need more room, I don’t mind on short flight, but 3hrs.
I need it.
The flight went smooth.
I actually got a descent breakfast and unlimited drinks. I had three Bloody Mary’s. It’s like a tradition, I always drink them, when I flight.
On top of it, is was helpful to calm my nerves, as I started to get more and more nervous.
Then, the captain saying over the speaker, he started the landing procedure.
“Okay”, I say to myself, landing at 10:40am, luggage by 11:00am hopefully, then to Enterprise rent a car. Hopefully checking in at 12:30pm or 1:00 pm in my hotel. Shower, change of clothing, maybe I can meet her around 3:00pm or 4:00pm.
At that moment I had no idea, that none of that would happen and everything would change just within the next hour.
The plane lands.
I take my carry on and getting off the plane. I am taken the escalator down to the baggage claim. I look at the screen, terminal C. I see it it’s right there. I walk to it and wait for the conveyer belt to start. My eyes are focused on the opening where the luggage will come out.

She hardly slept at all. She tossed in her bed, back and forth. Her mind again was going crazy, is had been quiet for some times.
But now!
What if not?
She keeped asking herself, but then her mind went:
“You know him,
you seen him,
you talked to him,
you laughed and cried with him,
you became undone together,
you attracted to him since you started talking to him,
you always felt pulled towards him,
you want him,
you love him, no, you in love with him, for the first time ever.”
She knows what She feel for him emotional and romantically. She looks at the clock, it’s 6:44am.
Her phone screen lights up, she forget to put her phone on mute for the night.
She sees its him.
He writes:
“Hey baby , you probably read this message by the time I arrive. I am boarding now, I be safe, love you xoxo.”
She smiles, she likes, when he calls her Baby, him saying it has a total different meaning.
She writes back:
“Hi my sweet, you really think I can sleep, knowing I’m a couple of hours from ‘we will finally know for sure’? She adds the emoji the one which has one eye closed and sticks out his tongue😜.
She writes one more time:” “Be safe ”
“I pray for safe travels”
“Love you….”
She puts down the phone and prays that he has a safe flight. For a moment the thought crosses her mind, if something would ever happen…..
And then she knows, she can’t just wait around for him to see him in the afternoon. She need to see him, she can’t wait anymore, she needs to know, so much depends on it. She knows what she has to do. With a smile on her face and feeling much better, she finally falls asleep.
She feels something tickling her face. She opens her eyes, it’s her cat. He is a real big fat cat, she still don’t know why, as he really don’t eat that much. She looks at her clock 9:08am, he be arriving at 10:40am. She quickly gets up, showers, puts on makeup and picks out the cloths she is going to wear. She picks a green thong and a bra. She decides to wear her dark long strapless dress with the large flower prints, but something in her mind makes her think of the ripped jeans, he so loves so much on her. She was going to throw then away, but he insisted to have them on, when she was going to visit him, but that never happen, that was the time, when it started to rain in her life and everything changed.
A sadness falls over her again, as she thinks back to this time. Everything seamed to fall apart, everything that she loved was in jeopardy to be lost forever. But then, as fast and for so long, it was raining, the sun appeared suddenly and carried with her came the most beautiful rainbows. She smiles everything is good. One thing is now left.
She puts on the jeans and picks out a nice blouse.
10:15am time to go. She arrives at the airport and parks her car. She can’t believe she is actually doing it.
11:10am now she starts walking faster, she don’t want to miss him. She arrives at the luggage pick up terminal. She looks around, it’s busy and crowded with people.
Then, for some art reason she turns and looks at Terminal C, she does not know why at this terminal and then, her heart almost stops.
It’s him. He is not facing her, he is looking at the conveyer belt, waiting for is luggage. It’s almost like, she felt his presents. She probably did, she always feels him.
He is tall, so tall, he is standing taller then anyone else around. Is different to see it, not just in a picture or video. His shoulders are so brought. He is wearing a pair of black slacks, a white dress shirt but no tie. He has his sleeve open and rolled up. He really seams to like it that way. She also can see his tattoo through his shirt. She can see how it’s going over his shoulder from the wrist up over his back. His arms are long and strong, his hands just the right proportion to his arms and the rest of the body.
She feels all of the sudden some anxiety building up.
Did she do the right thing?
It’s not to late to turn around, but for what good, she has to face him at one time. He is so handsome, just looking him from behind. She sees other woman looking at him too, but he does not noticed or don’t care. Suddenly, he turns and she can see his front,
his face,
He looks at her directly, into her eyes and he recognize her. His smile is wide and bright and he starts walking towards her. Her anxiety vanished faster than a heartbeat in the moment their eyes met.
All the worries and the doubts, seams like a faint memory. She knows, yes she knows now the answer. Her heart starts beating faster and faster. She feels like her heart will burst. It is just like she hoped for it would be, but instead, it’s much much better. She feels like they are thousand of butterflies in her stomach.
She is totally in love with him. She wants him.
She wants to be his.
As he comes closer she says to herself, he is even so much more handsome in person. She smiles. She also starts walking towards him and all these many months of missing him is coming to end.
She feels like a flashback,
all the things he would tell her, to make her felled loved,
to make her heart smile,
his positive words,
his strengths and support he gave her, his total believe everything would work out. His words which could get her undone in a heartbeat. She never met a man like him in her life. There was times, where she said to herself, can he be for real. He is perfect. All this is racing through her thoughts in seconds and now, the man, who all is that for her, is now only 20 feet away from her.
Her emotions reaching a high point and all she can do is fall into his arms as she finally stands in front of him. She feels herself pulled up to him so easy. She feels his strong arms wrapping around her, his hands pressing her against him. Then, his scent. The shirt he sent her did not even come close on how it actually was or would be. She fells like, she finally got home.
She never ever, felt more safe or protect it in her life. For the first time she experienced true peace. She pressing herself against his chest and tears starting to come out of her eyes. She did not care, it felt like all the months of pain, worries,
fear and sadness,
was finally being removed from her mind, soul and conscience for good.
She fell like, he is a part of her and under the running tears, she started to produce a smile, that she had not had in a very very long time.
A smile, that expressed pure happiness,with no weight on anything. She felt his strong hands stroking her back and a shiver run through her body as she removed her head and looked up to him in those warm and caring green eyes of his.
And she said…..
I was still waiting for the conveyer belt to start. I said to myself seriously, what can take that long. The time is takes, I could just have mailed my luggage to here. I looked at my watch. My time schedule was starting to be jeopardized. I still had no idea how much and my entire life would change, totally, within the next 10 minutes.
Suddenly I felt something, it’s like a 6th sense, you can feel sometimes, if someone is looking at you and usually it is, because you have a connection with them.
I thought about that, but who I know here on the airport?
And it hit me,”no”, “it couldn’t be”,”she would not”, I say to myself.
I turn and look into the crowed behind me and there…..
You Are !
Your eyes, are what made me recognize you, I smile. As I look into your eyes, all the questions I have or had been answered. Everything I felt for you or how I saw you, my feelings for you, are all confirmed and if anything, it actually increasing every moment by the seconds.
I start walking toward you and notice what you wearing, a nice blue blouse with showing of some sexy cleavage, but not to much, the ripped jeans that I so love so much and some nice high heels.
You look so beautiful and incredible sexy. Your face is like a masterpiece of a painter. Seeing you in person is more stunning than anything. You are absolutely stunning. I feel like, I living a dream.
Can that be true?
Is she for real?
She is like something that would walk out of someone dreams.
She walked out of my dreams.
We both starting to increase our steps, then finally, we are in front of each other. Before I can say or do anything, you fall into my arms and it feels just perfectly, how it supposed to feel. I put my arms around you and slightly pull you up a little into me.
I feel your body totally sinking into mine. My mind and emotions are racing. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel in control. All it matters to me now is you. Nothing else seams to exist anymore.
My hands holding your tight, strong and close.
I look down and I see you crying. My heart feels like bursting, it’s that much, I care for you. I start stroking your back with my hands. You sink even deeper into me. Then your head moves and you look up and you say:
“Don’t ever let me go”,
“Never!”, I say,
“I never will my love!”
and I realize, everything I ever wanted, dreamed off or desired, I am holding in my arms.
The dream, I prayed and hoped to come true all my life?
It just did!
I hear to conveyer belt starting finally to move and I think to myself, “of course now!”
I close my eyes and feel the warmth of your body. I feel like I finally got home. Your head moves and you say: “Sweetheart, your luggage is coming”.
“I know my love”, I respond. You smile and your heart skips a beat, as that meaning really has now changed.’My love’, these two words now mean so much more, they mean everything and hold everything within them.
You remember a very while back you sent a voice messages where you said:
“Hi my love”, now you really understand the meaning of it. Everything has changed, but for the good for the very good. You look up to me and say:
“I love you, my sweet!”
“I love you too “, I say,
You smile!
You push yourself up onto your tiptoes and you hand slights up to my neck pulling me down.
I comply and our face just inches away.
I smell you!
Your scent!
Your parfume!
You !!!
It’s intoxicating and I never felt like that before.
Our lips are now just inches away from touching for the first time and I feel like kissing a girl for the first time. I am starting to understand why. You are not just a girl.
You are it. The one!
Our lips finally meet for the first time in our life’s.
She almost reached his lips her mind was going two hundred miles a hour. She had never felt like that before. His lips were just inches away. She could not wait to feel them. Everything was coming onto the surface. She know she wanted him. She desired him and she wanted to be claimed by him as his own. He looked in her eyes right before their lips met.
“He is so handsome and she has always loved his lips”, it’s her last thought, before their lips finally meet. She felt like she kissed for the first time in her life. He was so gentle,
but sensual,
strong, but also passionate. Her whole body reacted to it and him and she was helpless to it. Her heart knew now, she had found, what she always wanted and her body took now over. Her lips and his just were feeling each other up. Then she felt how his mouth opened and his tongue starting gentle to explore her lips. She also slightly open her mouth and her tongue did the same until both of their tongues meet. A jolt of pleasure went through her body and hit especially in her intimate areas. His touch had such an impact on her. Again she shivered, but this time for the reason of excitement and want for him. Their mouth open and everything just melted away. All the months of wait, the uncertainty, where they were, anything and everything was replaced now with need.
A need to touch and hold,
a need to feel,
a need to be with each other.
Their tongues starting to explore each other, playing their games, doing their dance with each other.
She started to feel hot. Her skin heading up. Everything she tried to hold back for so long was breaking free, she did not try to hold it back anymore as she know now it was the natural and right thing to do. In this moment she totally surrendered to him, there was nothing she would not hold back. She trusted her feelings and know she can give it all the him without restriction or hesitation. There was no judging, all she felt and knew there was only unconditional love. She never felt better and more comfort in her life then right now.
Their kiss got more intense, like both their minds knew there are no more restrictions or boarders, they are only them. Her body started more and more to react towards their kiss. The cravings she was holding in for so long, all starting to come out.
She felt her nipples getting hard, her pussy starting to contract, as they blood flow to her intimate area increased. Her body was taken over like she never felt it before. She felt tingles everywhere and her mouth lips and tongue became a mind of their own.

I feel your soft warm lips on mine for the first time. And I knew in a instant, I could never live an other day, without kissing them or feeling them on me somehow.
I can’t think anymore. Everything I feel is wanting you,
feeling you,
to touch you. My tongue starting to trace your full lips and the reaction for me to feel it, is instantly noticeable for me. My cock instantly hardens.
Bye the time I feel your tongue, my cock has filled out his space in his boxers and is throbbing for you. Our kiss becomes deeper and deeper is like we let go of everything that was holding us back for so long. My need for you is incredible and powerful. I never felt like that before and if I did, I surly don’t remember. My hands go from your back down to your sides and I lift you up easy and smooth.
I feel your legs wrapping around me and your hips pushing into my groins.

She feels his strong hands around her hips and he lifts her up like she was none existing.
As she finally reached his level and their eye to eye, she wraps her legs around him to hold and stay in this position. By doing so her hips push into his groin and she can feel his manliness hard and strong pushing against here. If there was any doubt or anything holding her back it disappeared for good in that moment. Her whole body is reacting to him.
She wants him.
She wants to be owned and claimed by him over and over.
Her tongue is now deep inside of his mouth and their kiss truly has ignite a fire, that can’t be ignored anymore or extinguished.

I feel her warmth and my hard aching cock just wants to do what he is meant to do. To claim and own her. To make her truly understand, she is his and only his. Kissing her is beyond a dream come true. It pushes away everything I ever felt or wanted before. It is absolutely incomparable to anything I ever experienced. My hand slide down right onto your cheeks to give you more support, but as I do the feeling of your cheeks in my hand is beyond anything I ever felt also. I am in the edge of carnal lust and it takes all my strength to hold back and control myself.
I am in total ‘ahhh’ as you make me forget all my self control. In this moment, right now, I realize I never have been even remotely attracted to anyone as to you.
You remove your lips from mine and we both open our eyes. Each of us stirring in a pair of black eyes. No more restriction or holding back, we both know what we want.
My throbbing hard cock is pushing painfully against my slacks. Dying to penetrate you sweetness and to fuck you into oblivion. I take a deep breath and trying to straightening my mind. I look around and we are very much alone. I turn with you, still wrapped around me and see my luggage sitting there all by them self. My whole timing is off, we must had kissed for a very long time. I release my hands for your cheeks and you slide down.
“Go and get you suitcase, Markus!”,you say.
I nod.
I turn and take my suitcase with one hand and take my carry-on with my other hand.
Your hand touches mine.
“Let me take this one”, you say and your hand takes the handle of the carry-on suitcase. You shifting it in your left hand and then you take your right hand to hold on to my hand. Our hands fold into each other and filling the gap between each finger as it supposed to be ……..


….an excerpt

…… I take of my slacks, sliding down my boxers.
My unbutton shirt I lose now completely. I position myself behind her, but not before I reach over and take a vibrator from the bag, turning it on and give the vibrator into her hand. Her eyes are blindfolded, but she can make out by the sound and shape, what she is holding in her hand.
I position my hard cock on the entrance of her dripping wet pussy. Then I take hold of her hips and slide my cock in slowly, little by little , until it’s totally submerged inside her aching wetness.
I starting to pump into her, slowly, but forceful.
“Massage your clit with your vibrator,” I tell her and again she complies.
I see her skin starting to sweat, as her body heats up more and more, of the pleasure it is receiving.
The knuckles on my fingers are all white, as I holding onto your hips hard and tight. Thrusting into you now faster and harder. Given you truly a merciless and incredible pounding …..

The limousine ride

That’s an exerpt of a short story. Still needs to be fine tuned.

…….I ask him how long.
“Almost an hour, the airport is southwest of the City.”
“Good”, I say,
“Let me know when we like 10 minutes away from our hotel.”and I turn off the intercom.
“Well,” I say, “that gives me about 40 minutes to return the favor, that I received on the airplane.”
You blush a little and say:
“here and now?”
“Yes, he can’t see or hear besides, I AM thirsty now.”
You smile and I go on the floor between your legs and starting to pull of the legging you are wearing. You lift up your cheeks, so I can slide them off, next I hook my fingers in the elastic of your thong and slide the last piece of clothing of which was hiding your juicy pussy for me. You say:”We still will have to talk about the limo”, and then you moan out loud, “it can wait”, you say as you been feeling my tongue already licking your lips,
tracing them,
sucking on your clit,
knead it between my lips, sucking,
circling with my tongue.
I spread your pussy lips wide, so I can reach into the most sensitive areas, my tongue dips deep inside of you and it feels like I dipped my tongue inside of warm liquid honey. Your juices are overflowing, I am thirsty and try to lick as much I can inside my mouth. To taste your flavor is more than delicious and I am drenched to drink more. My beard is soaking wet and as I eat you out, my beard is scratching your inner thights. You moans are uncontrollable as my tongue and mouth gives you pleasures you can’t almost take.
“Ohhh Markus”, you moan, “Your tongue is so amazing.”
To hear that makes me putting even more effort in to it. I try to flick faster then ever running my tongue down and rim your delicious ass and in the same time inserting two fingers in your wet pussy and massaging and fucking your G spot.
“Oh God”, you scream out as the sensation of all that hits you. Then I can feel your pussy tighten on my fingers and I slide back up sucking your clit and finger fucking your pussy lighting fast. You put your hands in my head pushing me towards you even more, than you back arches and you let out a scream, as a very powerful orgasm hits you wave after wave. I slow down finger fucking you and release you clit from my lips.
Then I take my fingers and gentle and tender I lick your pussy clean from all your juices. Swallowing each drop I pick up, until you come down and recover.
Your breathing is catching up with you. I stop licking you:
“Was it good for you my love?”, I ask.
“You know Markus”, you say.
I move up and start kissing you. You taste yourself and the smell from it in my beard adds to it. Your hand slights down onto my crotch and you feel a hard errection.
“Poor baby”, you say and starting to unzip my pants.
“10 minutes Sir and we arrive at the Hotel.”
“Fuck”, I say out loudly,”I cant wait till we get to our room.”
I pull up my zipper and you give me a kiss and say:
“Not to worry sweetheart, the wait is worthwhile” and you flick your tongue over my lips and playfully bite into it.
You get dressed and compose yourself. We both drink the rest of our champagne and just on time, then the limousine comes to a stop.
The hotel is build right on the water.
The driver opens the door and we get out.
I exit first and lean down to extent my hand for you to get out.
I glance one more time in the limo and right where you were sitting on the floor, little drips of your juices, that are all what’s left behind.
I lick my lips and I still taste you…….


….more than anything

……if I was right now standing in front of you. My arms would embrace you in a big strong hug, my scent would linger in your nose, making you at peace and feeling at home. My embrace would make you feel safe and protected. You would put your head on my chest and could hear my strong and powerful heartbeat that is beating just for you.
My eyes would look down on you. You would feel it and look up. My head would bent down a little, but also at the same time my hands slight down your back, holding on to your gorgeous ass and lift your body slightly of the ground, so our lips can reach each other. As soon our lips touch, we would melt into each other’s arm. Everything, would be now only about, touching and tasting our lips. Our tongues would dance to our silent music, that only we can hear. At this moment, will feel like at lasts an eternity.
As our lips finally apart, I would give you a gentle bite on your lower lip, kiss your two closed eyes and the tip of your nose. Then you open your eyes in look into my green eyes and I tell you:

“I love you!”

…..more than anything.”


Camping with Benefits

…..the sound of the early morning birds woke you. You move a little in your sleeping bag and feel the morning chill inside the tent covering your face. You snuggle more closer to me, without open your eyes and you smile a big smile, as you feel the warmth of my body. You head rests on my shoulder and your hand is resting on my chest. You feel so comfortable and in peace. You let the events of last night passing through your thoughts, as you listen to my calm breathing.
Sitting together on the campfire was so romantic. Also, it was fun grilling our dinner. Then it got really late, going into the tent, taken of our cloth, sliding into our connected sleeping bags and made love until sleep took us over.
You open your eyes now. The inside of the tent starting to reflect some of the morning light, as the sun is coming up. As your thoughts thinking of the sun coming up, you also noticed something else that has been rising. You can see a movement underneath the sleeping bag, right where my groin would be. You lick your lips as you know what it is.
You also smile more brighter, as you realize what it means.
You starting to slide your head underneath the covers towards my hard, throbbing and insatiable cock. You can’t wait to slide him between your plump warm lips. Feeling how the flesh between them will get him hard, like a throbbing steel rod.
To taste and feel the smooth silk like skin.
To have that power, to bring me, to give myself, totally to you. The feeling of my seed shooting, exploding into your mouth. Not because I came, but because you made me cum.
My cum is only for you to receive. Your incredible mouth gives me the pleasures and attention I need. You feel within a few minutes my hands on your head, as I push you down deep on my cock, as I unload spurts of cum down your throat given you, your daily morning treat.
As I finish my last drop shooting into your mouth, you continue to suck me deep and tight. Making sure ever drop of cum deep within my balls has been released. As you can tell of the load I released.
You feel my cock still hard in your mouth and you know there is more to collect. You smile in your mind and start to continue your exquisite treatment, as you want all of it and you know so very well that your reward for that will be an other day of soreness……